TCA: Comedy Directors Talk Single vs. Multi Camera, Shrinking Running Times - Variety

There's no such thing as a single-camera comedy series, a clutch of prominent TV helmers agreed during a panel session Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Comedies produced outside of the traditional multicamera stageplay-style format rarely if ever shoot scenes with just a single camera. Most of them use a hybrid multi- and single-camera format, as few showrunners would be willing to risk losing the option of having multiple choices for various shots in the editing room.

"There are degrees of single-camera-ness," said Michael Blieden, whose credits includes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." He noted that there are plenty of single-cam shows that shoot scenes on a proscenium to mimic a multi-camera environment for actors.

Peter Atencio, director of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," pointed to "Modern Family" as a show that is "a multicam show very creatively and intelligently done in a single-camera format."

The helmers agreed that the focus on multi- vs. single-cam is "overblown" and that the most important factor is whether the material is funny.

Alec Berg, co-creator and director of HBO's "Silicon Valley," observed that one big difference is that shooting single-camera without an audience allows a show to milk the humor out of awkward moments of silence. "We do a lot of dryer tonal stuff on our show. When you're doing a multicam, you do something that's funny and silent, people laugh, and they fill the silence so it's not silent any more," he said.

On the other hand, the creative team gets instant feedback when shooting in front of an audience. With single-cam, which are often shot out of sequence, "sometimes you're just going, 'Does any of this work on any level?' " Berg observed. In fact, it often falls to the director to reassure the company.

"A lot of my job as the director is to do the job of the studio audience," Berg said. "You're a proxy for the laughs from the audience."

The panel was presented as part of the TCA tour at the Beverly Hilton by the Directors Guild of America. Mark Cendrowski, house director of "The Big Bang Theory," moderated the wide-ranging Q&A.

Helmers weren't shy about saying that they would like to see directors get a little more recognition for their contributions to TV. "I always say that scripts are about ambition," said Tristam Shapeero, helmer of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," among other shows.

The director "comes along and decides how are we going to shoot that scene to get the funny off the page," Shapeero said. Directors have the tricky job of bringing their ideas to the production while remaining "extremely respectful of the work," he said.

It's especially challenging for a director coming in on assignment for the first time on an established show. It takes homework and plenty of prep to learn the show's protocols and conventions.

"Everybody knows so much more than you do," said Linda Mendoza, whose credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Black-ish." "The only thing you can do is know your script like the back of your hand."

The helmers spoke of their frustration at dwindling running times for shows airing on advertising-supported TV. With some half-hour series running as short as 19-20 minutes, shows run the risk of becoming "a radio play," Blieden observed. "You cram (plot and dialogue) in so much that you've taken all the visual transitions out," he said. "You're using about half of what television can do."

Shapeero noted that when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" moved from NBC to ad-free Netflix, producers felt "relief" in being able to go back and insert jokes and humorous moments that had to be chopped for time when the show was bound for NBC.

Zetna Fuentes made her half-hour counterparts a little jealous in describing her working environment last season on "Jane the Virgin," with its distinct visual style that breaks the fourth wall and adds other inventive touches. Fuentes said she had a "magical" experience working on the CW drama's season finale.

"The showrunners are game. You really get a lot of freedom (because) visually they want to push it," she said.

(Pictured: "Silicon Valley")

Complex, Generational Music In Lyrical 'Daughters' - NPR

Here is but one you must not miss, any gratifying feast in lush, lyrical as well as full-throated form.

Carmen Maria Machado offers written pertaining to The brand New Yorker, the Paris Review and also AGNI, amongst some other publications.

. "It depends upon us, it feeds on us, upon our desire to obtain it right. It's sad how uncommon it's to possess this kind of concentration associated with women's stories, not really as peripheral yet central and crucial. Yet let's say there's absolutely absolutely no way in order to understand specifically how some thing was, what it meant?" That seems as if Celt is wanting to tell us -- as well as Lulu provides to find out -- which it's less with regards to setting it up correct and more about rendering it work.

One of the many pleasures of The Particular Daughters may be the dizzying surfeit associated with female characters, his or her stories entangled and entwined with each along with every other, as well as the novel's blood as well as backbone.

From childhood, the Daughters' Lulu continues to be a new creature involving music, able to discern the notes regarding the girl area on whim as well as command: The Particular B-minor of the knife striking the glass, the pitch of various automobile horns, the particular musical composition of your waiter's dropped tray. Now, Lulu must adore along with contemplate the woman that can come following her: a daughter whom may not be your ex husband's, nevertheless can be definitely, irrevocably hers, as well as whom the girl loves despite your undeniable fact that the kid may get claimed the actual expertise that seems to possess left your ex own, now-alien body.

There can be tension between Lulu's family's stories and furthermore the reality that they try to portray. Don't blunder me: This kind of is really a feature, not just a bug. Coming From her, Ada, the actual ferocious émigré whose enjoy as well as discipline sustained Lulu via her entire life. Then, Sara, Lulu's sensual as well as elusive mother, an alcoholic whose perpetual disappointments culminated in their abandonment involving Lulu as getting a child. How would Greta and her husband genuinely meet? Just what actually happened for their residence inside Poland? Precisely why do Ada occur towards the United States? How would Greta die? "[Baba Ada] informed the tale differently each and every time," Lulu says. "Each new edition produced the others harder for you to believe, and that was your ex weapon: the multitude, the manifold, created your extremely fact untrue."

In this novel, voice along with songs and background storytelling and mythmaking and motherhood and also protection of the self will always be in many distinct ways the same: Living animals, changeable and also complex, adaptive along with perilous as well as endlessly powerful. There are men here as well, with their own storytelling as well as minor roles to play, however their own plotlines along with presence really feel incidental -- absolutely essential involving biology greater than anything else. As an adult, the lady is an opera singer throughout higher demand, a soprano of rare skill who "[prefers] to become able to sing the particular songs involving witches."

But since the particular birth regarding your ex initial child, Kara, and the simultaneous death involving the girl beloved grandmother, baba Ada, she's got been deeply anxious, and then for excellent reason: The Girl daughter's provenance is a complete lot more difficult than her husband believes, and he or she hasn't sung any note since your birth -- seemingly a new fulfillment of the family members curse by which mothers sing their daughters "into life" and lose something throughout turn. "History is a lot like any other story," Lulu factors out. Since Lulu grapples using the woman's spouse, infant as well as grief, and also attempts to plan any christening in the glacial Chicago winter, your woman revisits the actual loved ones stories and also legends that have been strung around her since girlhood.

There's grand-grandmother Greta, your Polish matriarch which may as well as may not possess access to stopped the dance having a magical chill, that marked as well as married the actual man the girl desired, as well as whose offer with all the devil brought your ex the daughter she usually wanted


Pinterest hires early Apple designer Susan Kare - The Verge

It's the smart employ pertaining to Pinterest. Basically, if you discover Pinterest up its iconography game within the near future, this actually is most likely the reason why.

Pinterest provides hired designer Susan Kare, your graphic artist famously behind many of Apple's early fonts and icons, which includes those on the original Macintosh. Regarding one, Kare has deep roots in Silicon Valley's design world: the lady produced icons, like the lasso and also paint bucket, that are nonetheless about today, albeit in modern forms; the girl typeface Chicago, created for that original Macintosh, lived on for a specified duration to become current upon many associated with the initial iPods. Beyond that, Kare offers maintained the presence within the tech world, opening any style agency to become able to handle work just similar to the development of icons with regard to Facebook's very first work for balance Gifts. at Pinterest, Kare will possibly be serving like a item style lead, in that the business says she'll most likely wind up operating on goods such as buyable pins, guided search, and also app pins. The Woman's first day had been Monday, thus Pinterest says there are "no certain projects to speak about yet." Yet broadly speaking, she'll always be assisting to refine Pinterest's primary interfaces with regard to discovering and saving content.


In Brazil, Scientists Discover Unknown Carnivorous Plant - NPR

Last year, Brazilian botanist Paolo Gonella has been online.

Copyright © 2015 NPR. Feed me all night long (laughter).

MONTAGNE: The idea was obviously a picture of your plant he'd never occur across. Any fellow plant enthusiast had taken the photo although hiking on the mountain inside southeastern Brazil.

GONELLA: It can capture dragonflies and butterflies as well as bees, but it isn't very dangerous to many animals.

A team associated with botanists provides discovered a manufacturer new species of carnivorous plant inside Southeastern Brazil -- after discovering it inside a photo posted about Facebook.

MONTAGNE: These People named it the magnificent sundew and printed their own findings in the scientific journal Phytotaxa. I was upon Facebook checking the news on my newsfeed. A Person are capable of doing it. Along With then I noticed this photograph.

GREENE: those bright tentacles were covered in the sticky glue that assists this plant ensnare unfortunate insects. Most rights reserved. Feed me, Seymour. Gonella and his team took specimens and also confirmed which it had been a fresh species.

A few months later, Gonella plus some colleagues returned to that mountain for you to find the unidentified plant. Along With right away, they knew it had been something they'd never witnessed before.

Now any scientific discovery discovered adrift inside a sea of selfies as well as party photos on social media. 'Cause should you feed me, Seymour, I can develop up...


GONELLA: The Actual colors are generally amazing, very showy in contrast to the remaining vegetation. Please always be conscious that the particular authoritative record of NPR's programming is the audio.

PAOLO GONELLA: That only agreed to be able to be any normal day. Thus it has a truly wonderful red colour together with glistening tentacles.

NPR transcripts are made on the rush deadline by method of a contractor with regard to NPR, and also accuracy and also availability might vary. Go to our web site terms of use as well as permissions pages in regarding further information.


RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: . Feed me just about all night long. This specific text might not maintain its final form and could be up in order to date as well as revised within the future. (Laughter) That's right, boy. Even though rapid ejaculation among the actual largest carnivorous plants inside the Americas, Gonella says people have not even attempt to fear.

GREENE: OK, consequently I guess that will man-eating plant from "Little Store of Horrors," Audrey II, remains just fictional - at least in terms of we know.

LEVI STUBBS: (As Audrey II) (Singing) Feed me, Seymour


Pope politics: How the 'Francis factor' could upend 2016 - MSNBC

politics which throughout recent a prolonged time has been off kilter. Less compared to two months ahead associated with the pope visits your United States Associated With America and gets to end up being able to be the initial pontiff ever to handle Congress, any "Francis factor" could demonstrate to be one of one with the most intriguing storylines in the 2016 election. 

None regarding this makes the pope a Democrat, and also liberals ought to tread cautiously. Conservative evangelicals and also Catholics produced abortion, and later the fight again same-sex marriage, the actual defining moral concerns in public places life. He will always be the author of the forthcoming "The Francis Effect: A New Radical Pope's Challenge for the American Catholic Church."

Can Easily Pope Francis influence Republicans?

. Pope Francis considers abortion portion of a "throwaway culture." His critique regarding extreme individualism as well as rampant consumerism can be as much a new bracing challenge for those on the left since the right. 

More when in comparison for you to a decade prior to President Franklin D. Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago, who a amount of have anointed the "American Francis," has called economic inequality a new "powder keg which is as harmful since the environmental crisis the world will be facing today." Rather associated with bristling using outrage following your U.S. political rhetoric, the actual pope will be most likely to find his toughest audience in this country. Roosevelt launched the actual New Deal, Catholic bishops advocated to obtain a minimal wage, public housing for workers, as well as insurance for your elderly and unemployed. bishops' conference challenged Reagan-era anti-government ideology and published major national statements about economic justice along with nuclear arms.

Pope Francis won't be in Cleveland this week for your initial presidential debate, but the most influential moral leader on the global stage features these eyeing the particular White house seeking over their shoulders.

Despite his frequent presence in U.S. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who is courting Catholic and evangelical voters, touts his anti-union bona fides. Marco Rubio praises the actual pope pertaining to his "moral authority" but, unlike Francis, seems less convinced our addiction in order to fossil fuels is a problem. "You ought to hear what the Pope is saying." Billionaire Tom Steyer, any liberal donor pushing Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates to produce climate change a premier priority, has cited Pope Francis inside his appeals. Catholic social believed helped generate a moral framework for legislation which addressed savage inequalities exacerbated by simply unfettered markets. "This pope is promoting a collection regarding Latin American-style socialism," the GOP strategist who's Catholic recently told The New York Times. Supreme Court ruled in assistance of same-sex marriage, he asked for "mature and serene reflections even as transfer forward together."

"Some individuals say my economic ideals are generally radical," Bernie Sanders tweeted last week. The Catholic hierarchy now nearly all widely known regarding battling the Obama administration more than contraception coverage and also decrying same-sex civil marriage as a "tragic error" was as quickly as in the vanguard associated with major progressive social reforms. 

John Gehring is actually Catholic plan director at Faith inside Public Life, an advocacy team in Washington, D.C. Former Maryland Gov. Guys like Jeb along with Rubio are more within collection using the American Catholic Church than the pope."

While that will strategist needs a new Sunday college lesson - the particular pope isn't preaching socialism, but traditional Catholic teaching about your common good - his breezy reference for an unofficial alliance involving the church and the Republican Party really does underscore a substantial shift. Your Catholic convert seems far much less eager in order to cozy approximately Pope Francis, who describes the cost-effective status quo being an "idolatrous system" which "excludes, debases as well as kills." Pro-choice Catholic Democrats have got long felt heat from your church. Inside the particular 1980s, your U.S. Jeb Bush is joining several additional Republican presidential hopefuls to make any pilgrimage to kiss your rings involving billionaire industrialists Charles along with David Koch. These kind of times it's Republicans that are playing defense.

A pope who denounces "trickle down" economics and also insists climate adjust is surely an urgent moral issue is recalibrating a new values narrative inside U.S. "This guy is not within sync with just about all the American Catholic Church.   

Former Florida Gov. The new Gallup poll shows the pope's approval ratings here get dipped swiftly in the past year, driven mostly through expanding conservative unease. It's the situation cheered with a conservative base but one that will appears in stark distinction to a pope who sounded like a new fiery union organizer within a recent speech inside Bolivia.

RELATED: Pope Francis rejects communism critique

Alex Wagner, Kathleen Parker, as well as Father James Martin talk about Pope Francis' current comments concerning colonialism, and furthermore the impact he could possess in presidential candidates.

By the time Sen. Martin O'Malley, a Catholic educated by Jesuit priests inside higher school, provides been dubbed a "Pope Francis Democrat."

"I don't get economic policy via my bishops or even my cardinals or even my pope," Bush scoffed in reaction to the pope's latest landmark encyclical, which blasts your "obstructionist attitudes" of climate-change deniers and highlights backlinks between inequality and also environmental devastation. The Catholic son involving Cuban immigrants, Florida Sen. Republican insiders are hyperventilating. John Kerry, a Catholic, ran for president throughout 2004, your notion regarding who was considered a "values voter" and what constituted any moral issue had dramatically narrowed. Various Other Catholic bishops over the country, which includes within the crucial swing state associated with Florida, are usually planning press events and homilies that draw attention to the pope's encyclical about environmental justice. Pope Francis's teachings on the poor as well as inequality "demand any transformation in the current Catholic political conversation within our nation," the newest Catholic bishop involving San Diego argues.

RELATED: Poll: Americans lose faith throughout Pope Francis

Get ready, Washington. A pope whom learned his most important lessons within the barrios associated with Buenos Aires and also isn't afraid to consider upon entrenched power in the Vatican is arriving for you to town.

Candidates fighting for the Democratic nomination additionally have the pope about their own minds.

Pope Francis can be needs to redefine the particular public voice associated with American Catholicism with his meetings along with priorities. Politicians along with activists via Christian denominations usually with odds theologically happily sang in the identical hymnal politically.

NOW Along With Alex Wagner, 7/10/15, 4:43 PM ET

Chicago's archbishop and also EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy teamed up in an effort to become able to highlight the moral must act in climate change. Gov


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